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Personal Injury Chiropractor Miami Beach

Are you in need of a Personal Injury Chiropractor in Miami Beach? Even after a car accident, slip or fall, you may not feel the effects right away as your body has defense mechanisms to guard against extreme pain. You may have internal damage, structural damage, or some future ailment because of an unknown immediate injury. Then the case is gone. The best thing to do is get examined right away to make sure there are no underlying causes of injury. Sometimes you may not know of misaligned vertebrae in your neck or spine. You may feel it in your arm, leg, or shoulder first. Bring in your medical records and we can take care of you.

At Cafe of Life Chiropractic, we have 1 of 2 video X-ray machines in Florida. This allows us to find instant details of your personal injury. We can then determine on the spot, the level of injury you received and give you a plan for professional treatment. We work with insurance companies and lawyers to make sure your medical expenses are covered. We can even visit you in the comfort of your own home and give you treatment for a house call chiropractic adjustment.

 Here are some legal matters to take care of below to ensure yourself the proper procedures in taking care of your personal injury case.

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you're asking a court to award you in other words, monetary compensation for your physical injuries and related losses—stemming from an accident that the defendant (the person you're suing) allegedly caused. And as part of this process, the defendant (or their insurance company) usually has the right to request an independent medical examination (sometimes referred to as an "IME"). So, how does an IME work, do you have to attend one, and what can you do to protect yourself Read on for the answers.

After any kind of accident, the first is often performed by a doctor of the injured person's own choosing.   Naturally, over the accident, the defendant (or their insurance company) will want a second opinion and may request an IME. In general, an IME is performed by a licensed doctor of medicine (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (OD), usually one with medical knowledge or training in the specific area relating to the case, and with experience in the area of IMEs.

Typically, when it comes to the timing and procedure of an IME:

  • the defendant or insurance company must give the injured person reasonable notice of the time, manner, location, and scope of the examination
  • unless there is good cause for further exams, only one IME is usually permitted
  • the defendant or insurance company must pay for the IME, and

So remember these 3 things in a personal injury case.

1. Get as much evidence as possible in writing, photos, and videos.

2. Get an exam asap.

3. Get a good personal injury lawyer.

Don't worry though, all of our patients have gone through a smooth transition in medical expenses. Cafe of Life Chiropractic is with you every step of the way and is sure to help you with the most important issue, your overall health. 

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