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Sports Chiropractor Miami Beach

Need a Sports Chiropractor in Miami Beach? Dr. Gordon Braun has been helping athletes get back in peak condition for over 15 years. Whether your experiencing pain in your Knees, Feet, Neck, Shoulders, hips, or Back, Cafe of Life Chiropractic can pinpoint the problem areas and have you functioning normally within weeks. Don't let sports injuries slow you down. There are many solutions to help you. Dr. Braun focuses on the core problems of your pain so it's not just a temporary solution but can provide the pain-free longevity you are searching for. Many athletes in Weightlifting, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rowing, Surfing, Baseball, Soccer, and Golfing have come to Dr. G for many different sports injuries. Along with Chiropractic adjustments Dr. G has many other solutions to help aid in pain and has many other methodologies to counteract Sports Injuries and Cell damage. Talk to Dr. Gordon Braun about Sports Chiropractic in Miami Beach to find out more. In the meantime here is a step-by-step process we use to help you get you back on your feet and running at full speed below.

1. Back Exam and Neck exam with Video X-ray technology. 1 of only two chiropractors in south Florida to use this technology.

2. We then proceed to examine the full body to pinpoint the pain or aggravated areas.

3. We go over with our professional chiropractic solutions to help set realistic goals and time frames to heal your pain. 

4. Come in for weekly Adjustments at your convenience. We have a vibrocursor to help break down stiffness and massage muscles and tendons. ( automatic massage) We have a 0 gravity state-of-the-art massage chair to help relax tense areas. We have an inversion table to help separate pinched nerves and vertebrates. 

5. Drink lots of water, Ice, and Heat problem areas and stretch out when you don't feel as much pain. Swimming can also help provide you with strengthening the muscles around the problem areas and help keep things in place. 

6. We also provide other advanced holistic solutions for your pain-free longevity. Talk to Dr. Gordon Braun for more information.

The Staff at Cafe of Life chiropractic are friendly and accomodating. Don't hesitate to call and make an appointment. Our Sports Chiropractor in Miami Beach Dr. Gordon Braun will be more than happy to talk to you and give you the best solutions possible. We also have Mobile Chiropractic available if you are unable to come into the office. Take care and hope to see you soon.


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