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First Responder Help Surfside Building Collapse

Dr. Gordon Braun of Cafe of Life Chiropractic proved to be at the First Responder Help Surfside Building Collapse, Amongst the many tragic events that happened and being a Surfside resident, Dr. Gordon Braun felt compelled to assist the first responders in the Surfside Building Collapse with his Mobile Chiropractic service. Dr. Gordon Braun was personally touched by many friends that fell victim to the building collapse. Dr. G proved to be another hero to the first responders, families, and workers that were working relentlessly through the day and night to try to save anyone that may have been left behind. Dr. Gordon Braun was able to realign the backs, adjust neck and shoulder areas to ensure free movement and pain relief. Dr. Gordon Braun was able to relieve a little stress and anxiety with a Vibrocussor massage. This also increased blood flow in the body and alleviated inflammation, stiffness, and swelling. He helped with headaches and body pain to help the workers keep going throughout the night. 

With so many heartbreaking stories any help was truly appreciated by the surfside workers and victims. Just read one of these tragic stories below.

Among the rubble, Dean and other first responders are finding victims' personal belongings, which he said adds to the emotional toll. 

"We try to disassociate family and pictures and names to people because it's easier for us to cope with, unfortunately," he said. "But when you start doing that and you're seeing these pictures of people, it really is difficult. It hits home and, you know, you really start to think about it more than what you should."

Many first responders haven't had the time to process what they're experiencing, he said. "I don't think we are at that stage yet where people are really processing, because we really haven't had any downtime. I think once that occurs and we leave this site, we might start seeing some of those [mental health] issues come in." 

"This is something that we will remember forever and we're going to keep coping and dealing with it for a long time," he added. 

Dean, who has worked disasters like the September 11 terror attacks, said the Surfside tragedy is unlike any he's experienced. 

"I think the most difficult was to find our firefighter's daughter," he said, referring to the 7-year-old daughter of a Miami firefighter who was pulled from the rubble by Dean's team a week ago. 

"I have three kids and I don't wish none of this on anybody. It's a terrible thing," he said.  

A moment of silence at the collapse site on Wednesday night marked the end of a rescue mission to find survivors. The efforts transitioned to recovery, with little expectation of finding anyone alive. Some of the victims' families personally thanked Dean and his team. 

"It's extremely difficult," he said. "We feel the pain. We feel the agony that they're feeling. There's nothing good about what happened here other than trying to provide a little bit of closure for those left behind."

"I think if we give them the closure they want, we'll be able to cope with this afterward a little bit better," he added.

Dr. Gordon Braun is truly sorry for the many losses at the surfside building collapse. As a member of the community and resident, Dr. Gordon Braun can come to you in surfside to help you with pain relief. Call us today to make an appointment.


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