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Traveling with Back Pain

Traveling with Back Pain

If you're going to be Traveling with Back Pain from or to Miami or Miami Beach, ask Dr. Gordon Braun on how you can alleviate the pain, and what things you can purchase for your trip that will help. Here are some tips below to give you an idea of some basic help for back pain.

Stretch Before You Leave

Before I even leave on my trip, I plan to take a few preliminary steps to help minimize pain. I will be rolling out my back and hip area on the daily for a couple of weeks prior.  I bought this roller last year after I threw my back out. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang out it, to be honest…do I roll or does the roller roll? Did that make any sense? But regardless, it does seem to loosen things up back there.  Ahhh these puns will just keep on coming!  Pre-trip strategy #2: I have now had a total of 3 massages in my life and I really think a massage helps loosen up my back even if it ends up hurting a bit more after for a few days.  Maybe it’s similar to how you break out after a facial? I am not one to splurge on anything fancy, but wow I stand corrected (!!) after having these last two massages. They are worth every penny! My posture is a lost cause — I will forever be a hunchback — but I do plan on stretching on a regular basis a week or so before I leave.

The Mackenzie Lumbar Roll for long-haul flights is a good small item that can help you with back pain. You can use it in your car to break it in before any nonstop flights to or from Miami Beach.

Aisle Seat on any Long Flights

 Even if you like those window seats, I would choose an aisle seat because back pain after a long flight is not a good thing. You can sit on the aisle for any flight longer than 4 hours. Why? You can stand up and walk around the cabin anytime you feel a little stiffness, pressure or pain.

Bring a Travel Pillow

Bring a travel pillow that can serve as both a headrest and an airplane back pillow.  This pillow clips on to the bottom of the backpack so it doesn’t add extra bulk to a carryon bag.  This pillow also came in handy on trains or at a budget accommodation where the pillow presentation leaves something to be desired.  Recently, I have been putting a pillow behind me as a back support for airplane seats and it has helped immensely. I have also read that a tennis ball does the trick…this may be a bit odd but it’s small enough where it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience to pack in your carry on.  Click here for the best travel pillows plus an air cushion for back pain. 

Buy Heat or Ice Packs

 Ice is best for actual back injuries and heat for chronic muscle pain; consequently, in the first 24-72 hours after a back injury, it is supposedly much better to use ice.  Alternating between applications of ice and heat is also supposed to be quite effective.  I want to have both options readily available so I plan on bringing an ice option along with.  If you are staying at an apartment with a kitchen and a freezer, then a portable ice pack may be your best bet.  However, if you don’t have access to a freezer, there are Icy Hot Patches that you can use instead for pain relief.

Packing and Wear a Backpack not a one-sided Bag

Try to minimize what you pack. Going light is always the best way, try to take what you will use, not every possibility that can happen. Using more luggage than big heavy pieces of luggage. If it is possible for you. The pressure of using a backpack will be evenly displaced on both sides of your body and will not pull your body to one side or another like a cross bag or one shoulder bag would. Also be aware of theft while traveling, included in this list are some of the best anti-theft daypacks and backpacks for men and women. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Chances are you will be walking around quite a bit so wear some travel-friendly shoes. Also, wearing the same shoes day in and day out make the balls of your feet and lower back ache more than if you change up my shoes every day or so.  You can usually bring a pair of supportive sneakers and sandals, as long as you wear sandals on a day with minimal walking, it feels really great to switch off shoes every day or so. 


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