Corona Virus

Corona Virus Miami Beach Chiropractic

Dear Patient,

In light of these unprecedented times, our office wants to inform you that we are taking this current situation very seriously.

 Because we are an integral part of the health care system in our community, we are opening our doors to provide pro-active care for our patients.

 We are constantly taking measures, above and beyond, to disinfect any equipment after every use, our entire office surfaces multiple times per day, any furniture after each patient or visitor. We have also hired a professional company to do deep cleaning JAN-PRO [email protected] system uses an eco-friendly commercial disinfectant and proprietary technology to wipe out 99.9% of germs, even in places other systems can't reach. All staff are required to stay home at the slightest hint of fever or other symptom.

 All staff routinely sterilize their hands, do not touch their faces with their hands and refrain from close contact (aside from the provider). All providers sterilize their hands between each and every patient.

 The best way that we know of to help you through this health threat is by supporting your body. We do this through chiropractic care, focused nutrition - especially supplements shown to influence the body's immune response and or resilience. Moderate activity, low stress and of course proper hygiene are the best ways to avoid illness.

 According to the current information available, over 80% of those affected by the virus have mild symptoms and fully recover.

 If you are considered more "at-risk" because of age or other condition, we have established a no wait procedure for all patients and will only have one to two people in the entire office at same time. Please call the office to check which day and time is best for you and mention you are 'at risk" patient so we can make extra accommodations for you.

 Guidelines to help you through this: 

1. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day, especially after touching your face or any public surface like a doorknob, shopping cart, etc. Be sure to use soap and apply across your hands (and under your nails) for a full 30 seconds before rinsing.

 2. Avoid close contact with others and refrain from social gestures such as handshaking and hugging.

 3. Get at lest 7 hours of good sleep. Your body recharges and needs to be refreshed to combat the environment around it.

 4. Continue to get your regular chiropractic treatments. Each time you are adjusted, there are cascading effects within the body, including positive effects upon the immune system.

 5. Avoid sugars, heavily refined foods, and excessive consumption of alcohol. Each of these greatly diminishes the body's ability to adapt and fight infections. Furthermore, take in nutrients that have been shown to support the immune function. Here is a link to our Immune Support Bundles: Please call the office at 305-674-9321 or text 786-361-0862 if you are interested on buying one of the bundles.

 6. Be sure to STAY AT HOME if you feel fever or any symptoms of sickness. Contact the local health department if you suspect you may have contracted the virus.

 7. Join our Facebook Group to stay up-to-date on our recommendations, tips, ideas and community questions - a huge resource for you and your family. Go to or our Instagram at @cafeoflifechiro

 We look forward to continuing to serve our community through this unusual circumstance.

 Due to the rapidly changing information that we receive, we will updating our position as needed.

 Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.

 Yours in Health,

 Dr. Gordon Braun and the Cafe of Life Chiropractic team.

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